Company Profile:

Shenzhen Qingzheng Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the progress and development of UAV industry, enabling various industries with science and technology, providing high-quality products and solutions for industry customers, and reshaping people's production and lifestyle. The main products are photoelectric pods and UAV payloads, including multispectral,hyperspectral, lidar, 5G cloud box and other load products. We work with global UAV partners to jointly explore the era of unmanned intelligence in the air,and let science and technology continue to bring a better future to mankind.

Company Culture:

The Culture of our company is essentially based on the respect for nature and mankind, the pursuit of excellence, unity, tolerance, activeness and open-mindedness. Also, We are a group of kind-hearted and like-minded people who share the same devotion to work.


Company Vision:

Make it an influential and outstanding high-tech company! To become a company that contributes to society and has responsibility! To contribute their own strength to the development of science and technology! To provide our customers with quality service and pleasant user experience. Make the vision a reality!