Company Profile:

   Shenzhen Qingzheng Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the advancement and development of the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ) industry and realizes technology empowerment in various sub-sectors. The main products are Gimbal drone photoelectric pods and the third partner UAV load parts such as multispectral, hyperspectral, LIDAR laser radar, 5G terminal unit etc. These products provide solutions for industrial customers, and reshape people's production as well as their lifestyle. Also, we work hand in hand with global drone partners to open up the era of unmanned aerial intelligence so that technological innovation will continue to bring a better future to mankind.

     The Culture of our company is essentially based on the respect for nature and mankind, the pursuit of excellence, unity, tolerance, activeness 

and open-mindedness.Also, it is a group of kind-hearted and like-minded people who share the same devotion to work.

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